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Microsoft give ups, Chrome is better

When the news sparks on Microsoft decision to embrace new Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browser, we keep pondering why this could happen; is Chrome browser is much better than Edge browser?

Studies has been conducted on the internet browser and not surprisingly, despite Windows 10’s growing install base, there weren’t enough people using Edge. People were still picking Chrome and other rivals; such as Firefox and Opera. Why ? Coz they are much more faster, not much RAM eater, stabler, and much more plugin available.

Well, as of today, Microsoft’s default web browser has new paradigm with the official shift to an open-source engine best known for powering a rival browser.

Compatibility is the key result in this migration. In practical terms, the biggest impact promises to be on Windows users currently using Chrome. The move should make it easier for those users to switch to Edge, with the ability to run Chrome-based extensions and quickly migrate saved passwords, favorites and other settings from an existing Chrome installation.

But bigger picture, Microsoft’s strategy shows just how much the browser market and the broader tech landscape have changed since Internet Explorer ruled the early days of the web. Edge will be compatible with what they cannot before yet will also work on something that chromium is not compatible before.

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