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Hillary Clinton : Appreciation for her loss..really?

After her lost from the hottest rally to hit the blacky Obama down, She still got her touch. Hillary Clinton, a woman who get ' heavy punch' from obama, receive her new stupid rose flower from the same man. Her new position would be as a Secretary of State.

The question on " What post should obama give to her?" or " Does she really need to part of Obama`s team?" has come to the end when the US Foreign affairs will be under Hillary full responsibility. Quite a big cross I think. With Bush hired Condoleezza Rice, a black to become his foreign tweety bird, and then Obama come out with white skin old beautiful Hillary Clinton to become his new foreign firearm.

Is the any problem with Hillary Clinton? Nope I think. But the problem is with Bill Clinton. Having Hillary in the Obama White House is one thing, but what about having Bill as an ex-president backseat driver? Could Bill resist meddling in presidential matters? Those are just some of the reasons the appointment might stretch credulity.

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