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Intel shocks for their Q1 profit, AMD is sleeping

Latest information told us that Intel once again surprise us and themselves for their highest sales in quarter.The company expected to pull in roughly $11.6 billion, topping last quarter (and its previous record) by $500 million. Looks like the company was being conservative enough to make Pat Robertson blush -- it raked in a grand total of $12.8 billion in Q1 of 2011. About $500 million of that discrepancy can be explained by the acquisition of McAfee and Infineon, the rest is thanks to huge increases in sales across all market segments. Now go ahead, Intel, you just pretend to be surprised like last quarter.

What happen then with AMD. still sleeping? It seems this isn't even competition anymore. It's more like a 5th grader bullying a 2nd grade kid. You've got to give them big guys all the credit as clearly their technology is light years ahead of AMD. Bulldozer what? It's just another lame trick and it's not gonna be a game changer. My advice to AMD is stop wasting time and focus more on the GFX dept. instead. It's impossible for them to win both sides. Just like how Intel could never get a piece of the pie Nvidia and ATI/AMD shared all these years. Just focus on what you're good at and you might still stand a chance. Sorry this might be a little harsh on the AMD fanboys but it's the honest truth that's happening. Phenom II X6 is good, but no where near even the Core i5 760. There's a large difference between "good" and "great". If Intel's non existant, then AMD would've taken its place and worthy to be great

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