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Microsoft finally start breathing after dying via Windows 11

Microsoft has recently released the latest Windows version, Windows 11 or Windows 2020. Thr new version has a quitely most of paradigm shist, almost totally new in its UI. Even the edge browser has been revamped to a new design, follow the chromium architecture, which lead faster and rich content.

If we follow closely on this new windows version, does it look like a liitle bit of MacOS and Linux GNome? 

Well since I am working with both MacOS and Fedora Linux Gnome, it seems very much familiar. Of course, the windows version looks better with its new UI and works with multiple layout.

But the main concern, still, the security and require of huge processing in order to run the apps. 

I never turn off my Macbook pro for couple of months and still working superb, but I dont think will do on Windows.

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