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4G/5G Fixed Wireless Access : Will we be able to narrow the digital divide?

With the split gap like river and sea, the 3G wireless broadband and 2.4GHz/5GHz WLAN - wireless LAN has been in the people live for a long time.  The 2.4GHz/5GHz WLAN spectrum extends the unreachable location by the high-speed wireless broadband.

But today, with the emergence of 4G technology and even 5G technology, people could be reach by one single station, via Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). 4G/5G FWA is also capable of providing up to 1 Gbps downlink bandwidth which mimics fibre-like experiences. This is ideal for global mobile operators who are seeking to expand their market presence.

As 5G is evolving from the initial commercial adoption, to a new stage of scaled deployment, the 4G/5G FWA industry ecosystem can significantly improve user experience and strengthen SME capabilities as the increased speed satisfies demand for smart homes, 4K video, and AR/VR services.

With huge capacity of 5G technology, users could have their own private network connected directly through 5G spectrum. Hopefully, this 5G far distance spectrum could connect rural area that is hard to reach before. However, since the technology very much new, the cost would probably strike higher and of course it would be transferred to the users. We do hope the internet big player, like Google, Facebook or even Amazon could play huge impact to reduce the cost of the technology since their benefit could be much bigger if the 5G technology is being implemented world widely.

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