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To become the first trillionaire: Bezos outrageous target

While the world is facing the most tragedic economic bullies by the nature, Amazon seems to grap the benefir toward the pandemic. The online transaction is getting bigger and people are more toward online shopping for the next few years.

And Jeff Bezos, the bos of Amazon,  dare to set himself to become the first trillionare by year 2026. Is it possible? Well, this is possible if his company`s profit increase by at least 34% a year. Loo at the cloud service, a lot of orgnaizations are currently moving toward the "promise land”.

Yet, Is it only him want to become a trillionaire? What happen to Bill Gates? No more ambitious to become a trillionaire? said to become a trillionaire in 2042, is it seems to be late for him?

Even Mulkesh Ambani set himself to become a trillionaire in 2033. So it seem after 2025, something will happen. The society will have a very big gap between “big guys” and “layman”. Will China keep in silent on the matter? They have very huge resource cumulatively.

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