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WPA-PSK is hard to hack if.......

Searching through google or bing , beginners or novice might be very excited to have bunch of information and tutorial on how to simply hack WPA-PSK within just 1 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute and what so ever. With bundle of video streaming from youtube, those who are beginners and novice really excited to hack their neighbors` network. But is it really a simple WPA attack just by using aircrack or cowpatty or even NetStumbler?

If we are talking about WEP or WEP (advance), it might be different case where we just wait for the enough captured initialization vectors (IV`s) and even though easy to hack, it is pretty much dependable on the network traffic itself. Back to WPA /WPA2, Attacking the WPA-PSK-based secured network require a 4-way handshake which contain of authentication parameters. Caprturing of 4-way handshake is very much depend on the user authentication and network traffic. We can use passive active method depending on how busy is the traffic. The most challenging part is cracking the captured packet. Dictionary or wordllist is used in order to crack the phaseprase. If the network use a common phraseprase, you are very lucky…just spending 15 munite to get the code. But if they used a very unique code, I think 3 years is still not enough to hack the network. Off course, you can use brute force attack from cain & abel but, do you really need to spend 10 years just crack a single network ? and without you realize that the admin already change the password for 10 times already……

From my own experience doing war-driving around the KL area, Subang, Shah Alam, Bangi, Ampang, the networks are in mix authentication pattern. For enterprise, they prefer to used WPA/WPA2, while for the personal /home user, they just cool with WEP. cracking WEP is easy but cracking WPA-PSK is really time consuming task, especially in Malaysia where I only have around 30,000 (creating myself) wordlist for Malaysian and it is still not enough. And I only successful cracking my neighbor`s WPA-PSK based network using after spending 4 month at my home cracking the paraphrase with millions of dictionaries. If you wanna hack, make sure you dictionary is very strong, comprehensive, and precise.

The most and foremost in the WPA security is on the paraphrase strength, not the authentication parameters in the router. The more unique you paraphrase in , the more time ( up to a decade) hacker will need to spend at their sit tho have it.

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