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IDF 09 : Not convergence but continuum

With technology today is very fast growing, a lot of technology driven players; like Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and many others concentrate toward technology convergence. Convergence is the word used diffrently by different industries. People talking about Fixed/Mobile convergence, network/content convergence, but Intel has different approach towards their future product, It is called "continuum".

The continuum is about making different devices work together seamlessly and in a familiar way for everyone — both for users and developers. Intel is developing a new spectrum for their computing device, from server to worksation, dwon to home desktop and mobile to the handheld, all are using single architecture. Al the while, chip maker only concentrate about their CPU speed, size and power consumption, but from now onwards, they should also be more focusing on the other factors such as bandwidth, user interface, social networking and even tweets.

Paul Otellini, Intel president and chief executive officer, was on stage during the IDF 09 with the new a silicon wafer with the world’s first working 22nm chips. The wafer consisted of SRAM memory modules that each contained 2.9 billion transistors. However, processors based on 22nm won’t begin shipping before 2011. According to him, the Intel is still the leader as other chip maker still use the 45 nm while Intel will start using a 32 nm chips.

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