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LTE and WiMax Implementation towards future Communication system

After a long debut about the next-generation cellular and WiMax deployment in the near future for the new communication module, seems they will show something to us, LTE and WiMax for future communication module. Both are still struggling to prove their capability, performance reliability and signal efficiency towards higher bandwidth requirement from community. Whihc one will win the segment? However, before we further jump into conclusion, some clarification need to be mentioned here. There are still some people really confused about those two; what are they? what they do? how great performance they can produce? how reliable they are?..Well, if we put these two together, they are almost the same. First, both are 4G technologies designed to move data rather than voice. Both are IP networks based on OFDM technology for fixed (802.16) and OFDMA (802.16m & LTE) for mobile — so rather than rivals such as GSM and CDMA, they’re more like siblings. But does the siblings all the same. no right? So, there a plenty of difference among them.

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