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how to increase your internet speed

A lot of my friends (including myself) keep complaining about their slow internet connection and slow downloading P2P session .  It seems that Streamyx has throttled the bandwidth among the users. It may be because of heavy load of P2P connection by other users. As far as I know, every user should get their right for their port. Tmnet should not take this reason as their main point in reducing the speed.
There are 3 tricks in order to get internet much more faster than before:
  1. The basic think you need to do is tweak your internet connection is by optimizing the TCP/IP setting. What is TCP/IP? Well, basically it is the suite of communication protocols used to connect host on the internet. If your TCP/IP settings are configured properly, you can achieve good speed with your broadband connection.
  2. The second step is to optimize your internet browser. We will make the browser suit the type of your internet connection whether you use 512Kbps package or the 1 Mbps package. Both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer can be optimized using this tweak.
  3. The third step is to get avoid from traffic-shaping by applying some tweak for your favourite torrent client. This is very useful for P2P fan. for further info, the article avoid traffic shaping might help you to make it happen

Well, we have just finished doing some tricks to optimize our internet connection using streamyx. Does your connection improve? If yes, then congratulation. If not, maybe we will have to wait for a few days hoping it will become stable later.

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nazar said...

Thanks for the tips about the increase the internet speed.I check my internet speed through the website www.ip-details.com
its increased.

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