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Firefox almost done finishing their mobile version

Mozilla’s hinting that the first version of Firefox for mobile phones will ready for distribution in the next couple of weeks. That’s good news--more competitors only serve to keep everyone on their toes.
Despite its popularity on PCs, Firefox has been noticeably absent from the mobile market, which has been left mostly to WebKit-based browsers. “If things go smoothly, says Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s vice president for mobile platforms, “we'll have a version out in the next few weeks.”
Firefox mobile is based on the same code as Firefox 3.6, a beta version of which is now available for PCs. And, using a plug-in called Weave, the mobile version will be able to sync bookmarks and passwords with its PC sibling. (It’ll have it’s own logo, though: the Pocketfox! The fennec was unavailable for comment.)
Firefox is expected to be first available for the Nokia N900, with later roll-outs for Windows Mobile and Android smartphones.

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