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2011 review : Is Bluecat better than Infoblox?

.Mid of last year, we have seen a total solution of IPAM, DHCP and DNS from Infoblox. The PoC set up by Mr. Chris Wan. Along the PoC, I’m satisfied with all the features introduced by Infoblox. It really suit IIUM future planning on convergence infrastructure. After the director remarks on the early January 2011, IT Division of IIUM will embark on cloud computing, convergence system and ubiquitous network. Definitely, IIUM require structured DNS infrastructure, centralized DHCP and enterprise IP Address Management (IPAM) system.
Today, we need to see another solution on IPAM, DCHP and DNS. The presentation presented by Rick Choo from BlueCat Networks. Overall presentation shows the strength of BlueCat on IPV6 enrollment. What impress me, a reputable non-microsoft based company (PNC info) is world-widely using BlueCat solutions. To compare between InfoBlox and BlueCat… we need to perform PoC for certain period.

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