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Nexus Prime to beat Iphone 4S...really?

This week in the UK the Samsung Galaxy S II was awarded Phone of the Year by T3, and there the person accepting the award, UK Samsung Sales Director Andrew Glass, let loose the official name for the next Google hero phone: Nexus Prime. This normally wouldn’t be such a big deal for a smartphone, but when it comes to it being the platform of choice for google’s next big Android update Ice Cream Sandwich, we’ve just gotta know! So thusly there it is, Nexus Prime, and according the Glass again, we’ll be seeing it SOON.

Expected sometime inside the next two to three weeks, we’d originally expected to see this device today at CTIA in California. What happened instead was a delay reportedly due to the passing of legendary competitor Steve Jobs. In good taste it seems, Google and Samsung pushed the release date back a bit so as not to clash with the memorial services. Today we find that we DO get at least one detail on the upcoming superphone: a name. Here’s what Glass said, his words exactly:

“You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think.” – Glass

Can you even bear the excitement welling up inside you? Your eyeballs will burst and your tongue will explode if you think about it too hard, settle down! Then proceed calmly to our big Nexus Portal for all the information you might need before the release. No worries!

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