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Smartphone dominance in 2020

Year 2020 is getting more challenging to most of smartphone companies. iPhone is dying. The Samsung Galaxy is dying. LG is Dying. The mobile phone market is struggling with innovation these days. Furthermore with the new and bulk of smartphone product from China largely reduce global smartphone share.

Consumers are merciless. We want hyper-innovation two times a year (iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus). No other industry exerts this level of improvement on the manufacturer. What if Ford was challenged with releasing 2 new models of Explorer twice a year – with each subsequent model making the driver desire it more. Jony Ive saying (in a British accent), “This is the best Explorer we’ve ever made. It is milled entirely from a rare element only found in a small village in Tibet.” Apple and Samsung’s biggest challenge is they can’t slow down. They MUST meet consumer demands or lose valuable market share. The iPhone is dying, and we are killing it. How has Apple responded?

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