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Holographic television to become reality

you’re sat down for the Football World Cup final, or a long-awaited sequel to the “Die Hard 4.0″ movie and you’re watching all the action unfold in 3-D on your coffee table.

It sounds a lot like a wacky dream, but don’t be surprised if within our lifetime you find yourself discarding your plasma and LCD sets in exchange for a holographic 3-D television that can put stupid Cristiano Ronaldo in your living room or bring you face-to-face with life-sized versions of your gaming heroes.

The reason for renewed optimism in three-dimensional technology is a breakthrough in rewritable and erasable holographic systems made earlier this year by researchers at the University of Arizona.

The researchers produced displays that can be erased and rewritten in a matter of minutes. The breakthrough has made some long-time researchers of the technology believe that it could now come to fruition.

The Japanese Government is pushing huge financial and technical weight into the development of three-dimensional, virtual-reality television, and the country’s Communications Ministry is aiming at having such technology available by 2020So

So, if this project is realized, you really could have a football match on your coffee table, or horror-movie villains jumping out of your wall.

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