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MyBroadband 2008 Conference : launching day

List of program for 3 days (like taking 15 subject in short sem...heheheheh)

The MyBroadband 2008 Exhibition and Conference has been launched today by Minister of Energy, Water and Communication, Dato` Shaziman Abu Mansor ( Suppose the Malaysian Prime Minister launch the session, but he didn`t turn up). The event theme for this year is " Converging Broadband : Going for Growth (G4G)", the conference provide a landscape toward convergence - today and tomorrow - as they said...
Minister of Energy,Water and communication, Dato` Shaziman

Day one began with a quite late ceremony and not many people attend for the lauching some more..Bla bla bla...and after official launching the conference has been divided into three tracks sections (parallel conference session). So, we have to choose the most best tracks for us..Huh really disappointed.
View at 9.15 am ...still a lot of vacancies..hehehe

Another frustrating event is that no wireless provided even though in the brochure they ask participants to carry notebooks for the free Wifi. What a crap.. And another stupid evidence, they are organizing a Ultra-Broadband forum ( > 10 Mbps), but the internet service (wired and with laptops provided by organizer ; 5 pcs) for participant was less that 512 Kbps...huh Don`t know whats the mistake....
All Asean Telcos directors

Later I will share about the content discussed during the event...chow

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