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LTE & WiMax : Will the 3G just easily let them pass through?

As people now start talking about new advance technology, WiMax and LTE, The existing 1st batch predator, 3G, is just find out its maturity in the wireless mobile in the market. After a quite long run debut about its performance, connectivity issue, bandwidth, and all other issues, finally it has into a stage of almost fully matured.

Yet, the issue of WiMax and LTE still have pages to go and we need to wait up to 8-10 years for them to get matured. Further more, monetization of wireless services in general has become a thornier problem. If it isn't solved, the impetus to spend billions of dollars to upgrade networks to 4G might not materialize. Just think a little bit, if most of the customers are happy with the existing 3G service with only let say USD 30 per month, could they easily change to a new adopted 4G or wimax for higher fee. Or will the mobile voice service providers remain or reduce the fee with their burst cost of upgrading to new technology? Will they able to wait a very long term profit for this project?

Besides, new generation of more sophisticated devices, like the Apple iPhone, is contributing to this problem. Just as wire line voice revenues were increasingly commoditized and then decimated by VoIP, many wireless services once solely the domain of service providers can now be sold directly to consumers by third parties, leaving the telecoms with only the basic Internet access revenues. For example, while carriers used to get a significant cut of downloadable games, users can now buy them directly from the iTunes store or download them from websites on a BlackBerry.

Not only that, even the mobile voice providers are also highly endangered with the existing of VoWifi. With the full deployment of these technology and deployment of thousands of SIP server, and the mass production of dual mode wifi enable mobile phone, since all the customers are able to call others for free or for the lower fee charge from the third party company. At the end, who will use the native voice service?

In term of Security, the new implementation of WiMax will increase up to 100% of possibility your computer will be hacked. Even easier to war-driving by using small personal mobile equipped with enhanced low cost external antenna. Try Linux OS mobile, and its works..... As people get exposed with new Network connectivity, they are still not up-to-date with the network security and it will endanger the users.

While service providers sort out just exactly how they will make money in the future, they continue to upgrade from 2G to 3G technologies, giving themselves breathing room before the major infrastructure investments need to be made. In fact, Many large GSM carriers that have already rolled out WCDMA/HSDPA networks are expected to adopt HSPA Evolution prior to adopting LTE

For us, as a normal user, just look and see, whether this new technology will drive to a better human civilization or it will just become one of the tools for some of the irresponsible group to widen their profit.

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