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Nokia E90 : happy and frustration from its owner

After almost four months I have my Nokia E90 in my hand, a lot of happiness and also frustrations I have shared with my new best friend, Mr. E90. As I already commented on its basic functionality at my other blog, league of shadow, in the session I just wanna share my feeling getting along with this device with me.

First of all, this is actually the first time I am carrying a bulky block mobile which is really obvious no matter which side on your body you try to place it. Aha...but one thing, it also bring a positive attraction towards your lifestyle appearance in front of other people ( show off). Even though I try to hide it at my new pouch (since the free pouch is really lousy in fact) it is still really "over expose" my appearance. The camera function is still the hottest issue for this very expensive bulky block phone. I have 3 times experience that the camera button " jump out" when I was trying to take picture, and it is really hard to put it back.

I got a great experience when I am browsing internet through its Nokia web browser. Even though I cannot apply the stupid Mobile Opera on it ( arrgh.... stupid opera developer is sleeping ), but I still get a great result with its original browser. I can say it can compete the iphone safari mobile browser, with just a second different, because of cache storage issue ( read more this on league of shadow). Just one thing I got really fed up with this mobile, its 3G setting. I not sure what is happening, I have subscribe the 3G with the local service , stupid Maxis. Unfortuantely, up-to-date, my 3G still cannot work. I have installed the 3G configuration for hundreds of time but it still remain death. Until the last reason given to me, the service provider said, since the mobile is dual mode, so the service has been interupted with the wifi AP ( what a stupid reason), and this nokia E90 does not allow two or three different 3G configurations. What the stupid....

To make it simple, It is really my mobile mini-netbook and good organizer for me. and I am happy with its performance. But there are still a lot of improvement have to be done to the next generation Nokia Mobile Communicator


Unknown said...

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Mswork said...

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